Oleśnica Castle – photo gallery

I met with the information that there are as many as 80 castles in Lower Silesia. Among them there are known and renovated fortresses, such as Książ or Czocha, but also those with less tourist traffic.

An example of such a place can be the Oleśnica Castle near Wrocław. This Renaissance residence was built on a Gothic fortress from the 13th century and was gradually extended and renovated over the following centuries. The last owners of the castle was the Hohenzollern family, for whom it was a summer residence until 1945.

After the Second World War, Italian and Hungarian prisoners of war were detained in the castle, and then the Soviet Red Cross troop had its headquarters there. During the People’s Republic of Poland, the Museum of Archaeology’s technical school and branch operated there.

At present, the castle is open to the public, although most of its chambers are closed – the courtyard, the torture chamber and the Knight’s Hall (as of January 2019) are open. We recommend going there in spring or summer, because if the weather is good, you will be able to walk through the park near the castle and see the market square in Oleśnica.

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