Mike Tyson about the Warsaw Uprising. “The true champions are these brave Polish heroes.”

The Warsaw Uprising, which took place between August 1 and October 3, 1944, is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic episodes of the Second World War. The heroism and sacrifice of the Polish insurgents were remembered by public opinion all over the world, and although the Uprising ended with the death of hundreds of thousands of people and the total destruction of Warsaw by Germans, it is probably the most frequently mentioned armed uprising in occupied Europe.

In July 2018, a short video was released in which Mike Tyson, the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion of the 1990s, recalled the history of the Warsaw Uprising and its participants. Although the spot was made for the Polish company Food Care and is a form of advertising, it is said that the “Iron Mike” did not have to be persuaded to take part in it at all. Privately, Tyson is a lover of history and has a lot of knowledge about the history of Poland.


The Warsaw Uprising is worthily commemorated in a few more video spots available online. This touching video shows, as every year, August 1st at 5:00PM, thousands of Poles per minute stops and pays tribute to the heroes. The English version of the video has almost 5 million views on YouTube.


In August 2017 during the football match between Legia Warszawa – FK Astana in Warsaw, Polish fans developed and hung a giant banner showing a German soldier aiming at a small boy with the inscription “During the Warsaw Uprising Germans killed 160 000 people. Thousands of them were children.” The picture used on the canvas came from the film “Come and see” by the Soviet director Elem Klimov. This event was noticed by the world’s largest media, such as Daily Maily and Sports Illustrated.

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