Battle of Guinegate | 1/72, diorama

Model’s details:

Battle of Guinegate (1479)

The battle fought on 7 August 1479 during the War of the Burgundian Succession, near Guinegate (today’s Enguinegatte in northern France).

The conflict was between the Kingdom of France and Burgundy, supported by the House of Habsburg. At Guinegate, against the excellent infantry formed up in pike squares, there was a French heavy cavalry and archers.

Armed with long peaks, the Burgundian infantry managed to stop the French cavalry and force them to retreat and then break the ranks of French archers. It is believed that Archduke Maximilian I himself fought among the infantry square, which influenced the high morale of his troops.

The battle showed the effectiveness of the new strategy of the Swiss type, which assumed the use of well armed and trained infantry against a heavy cavalry.

Please pay attention to the excellent quality of the diorama, and especially to the representation of medieval infantry pavises.

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